How to Make Money Using Jasper

23 Ways to Make $1,000+ Per Month

Jasper AI is a copywriting tool that uses the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to automatically produce persuasive, enticing copy for your blog posts, landing pages, social media, ads, marketing emails, and much more allowing you to write 5x more content in a fraction of the time.

Do you want to know how to make money using Jasper? This one online tool can help you start a profitable side hustle or even a full-time business!

Let’s dive into how to make money using Jasper

Jasper is an up-and-comin g artificial intelligence (AI) copywriting program that has so many opportunities for just about anyone!

Artificial intelligence is now used by bloggers, YouTubers, podcasters, freelancers, copywriters, email marketers, Facebook ads experts, and so many others to produce better copywriting and content for their online business.

We all know that time is money and everyone can benefit from having more time. We always need more time to get things done and want to be as productive as possible with the time we have available.

So you might be wondering how can you actually  make money using Jasper ?

Here are some specific and easy ways to start making money with Jasper as a freelancer or even within your own online business:

  • Become a  freelance writer 
  • Create sales pages
  • Copy writing
  • Sales copy
  • Website content
  • Social media copy
  • Scricpt writing
  • Write email marketing copy
  • Create eBooks or physical books
  • Create  Facebook ad copy 
  • Write YouTube scripts
  •  Build websites for clients
  • Transcribe events or speakers in video format (i.e., podcast)

To start as a freelancer, create and account on Fivver and  Upwork and start to offer your writing services using Jasper

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In the rest of this blog post, we’ll explore how you can  use Jasper to grow your business  and increase your  online income .

Who Would Benefit From AI?

Anyone who has a business or writes for a living could benefit from Jasper AI. It helps improve what you create for videos, ads, or even your company website.

99.99% of the posts you make with Jasper will be all original content- no more worrying about plagiarizing other bloggers!

You’ll always have your own unique style of writing, but Jasper will help keep it original, authentic, and non-plagiarized!

One of the jobs that would be improved by writing with Jasper is content creation across multiple platforms. Another job that would be improved would be those who improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO). These two jobs can be done by anyone with access to Jasper, and there are many different ways to use the service.

You can use Jasper for free to get started and try out the standard account. If you like it, like we definitely do,  you can upgrade to the Pro Account to get more features.


How to use Jasper 

There are plenty of Jasper templates to use that you could instantly start using to pick up freelance work.

Here is a list of some of our favorites that you could offer other online business owners and start to make some awesome money freelancing with. 

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Blog Post Assistant
  • Facebook Ad Headlines and Content
  • Blog Post Ideas
  • Blog Post Outlines, Intros, and more!
  • Blog Post Subject Lines
  • Creative Story Writing
  • YouTube Hooks
  • YouTube Scripts
  • YouTube Outlines
  • Content Improver
  • Product Description
  • AIDA Framework
  • PAS Framework
  • Email

jasper ai

23 Ways to Make Money Using Jasper AI

1. Become a Blogger

 As bloggers ourselves we can tell you how amazing Jasper can be in creating blog post content!

Jasper helps tremendously with every post when blogging it can be exactly what you need to push your blog to the top!

This AI creates ideas and writing, making it an easy all-in-one spot to create blog content.

2. Affiliate Marketing

 Affiliate marketers  can benefit from Jasper AI because it makes their jobs easier. They don’t have to worry about editing products and publishing new products for their blogs. This frees them up to focus on marketing which is what they are trying to get paid to do.

How much money you can make from affiliate marketing will depend on what kind of niche sites you’re going to be targeting and how popular those niches are.

A pro tip from us: If your website  caters to a popular niche  that’s saturated with affiliates, then your commissions will be lower than if your website was about an obscure topic that very few marketers are promoting. All marketing plans have a certain percentage of flops, so you may have to try several different niches before you find one that works.

3. Story Writer

Whether you’re a business looking to create books or a writer looking to branch out into a new art outlet, Jasper is the assistant for you.

He has a template to get you started on creative stories that engage your readers with original and interesting content.

You could use Jasper to create ebooks for a variety of businesses,  not just instruction booklets or product descriptions!

Have you ever bought a stuffed animal or doll with a book or backstory? Enter Jasper! He can create fun stories that draw people to your products!

4. Social Media Manager

As a social media tool, you can use Jasper to create social media posts to promote your own business or a client’s business.

Many businesses hire social media managers to take over their online presence, since media work can be a lot more time and effort than some owners are ready to handle, and that’s where you can come in.

With an easy-to-use template, Jasper will help you make multiple posts in as little as 2 minutes! That means in just an hour, you could have 30 posts and have your social media content for a whole month laid out.

5. Pinterest Manager/ Pinterest VA

Are you a  Pinterest Virtual Assistant (VA)  who wants some help writing pin descriptions?

For some VAs, writing those descriptions can take hours! But it’s so important to have a spot-on product description so readers click on your pin.

Jasper could do that for you in no time flat, and create multiple pins that have similar topics. It lightens your load, makes great content, and gives you more free time for other business aspects.

6. Freelance Writer

Jasper is a blessing for businesses and writers alike!

For freelance writers, he can increase the output of articles you write and you can  make more money the more you crank out !

Some freelancers can take 8-10 hours to research and write a 3,000-word article- Jasper can help you get that typed up and settled in just a few hours! And the best part is you don’t have to be an incredible writer. 

If you are looking to become a freelance writer we highly recommend  creating and account on Fivver and Upwork and start to offer your writing services using Jasper

7. Ghostwriter

Similar to freelance writing,  ghostwriting  is another great way to make money and  Jasper can help you  reduce your work time and improve what you write.

If your client doesn’t have Jasper, having your own account can ensure you write premium content which keeps clients coming back for more.

Use Jasper for creating content that has an attractive title, spot-on meta description, as well as optimizes your keywords.

8. Email Marketing

If you want to get money from an affiliate or sell your own products to customers, email marketing is where your bread is buttered!

Jasper copywriting is a wiz at making perfect emails that connect you to those customers.

Using Jasper will also increase your open rate and make it more likely for your products to get purchased.

9. Facebook Ads

Have you heard about  making money from Facebook ads ?

Facebook ads have become a top way for people to reach a wide variety of people, who are likely to want their product or services.

Jasper can write ads to promote itself on Facebook  what do you think it can do for your business?

You can take 1 or 2 minutes to write a catchy Facebook ad that attracts attention and gains you clients or customers!

10. Real Estate Agent

If you’ve ever bought a house, you know that the description and pictures are everything!

As a  real estate agent , if you don’t have all the details on the house as well as beautiful photos, people may skip right over your estate listing.

Jasper  will help you write the perfect product description on that house, and make sure you don’t skip the warm details that make it sound inviting.

11. Transcript Creator

 If you’re a YouTuber  or an aspiring videographer, you will be pleased to know Jasper has your back.

Jasper can take your planned video text and check the transcript for spelling and grammar errors.

An organized transcript can make your YouTube videos come off as more professional, plus make cue cards in a snap once it’s all completed!

Plus creating content with Jasper, as always, increases your SEO and ranking on Google and YouTube- giving you more opportunities to make money by selling your content.

12. Ad Designer

I’ve met many writers and designers in my day everybody struggles with grammar and spelling sometimes!

Using programs like  Canva  and  Adobe  make for fantastic marketing, but there is one problem many designers go through there’s no spell-check.

And it can be embarrassing when you  create beautiful and captivating ads , have a seemingly perfect ad copy, but mess up the finer description.

Jasper creating ad content for you can prevent spelling and grammar mistakes, meaning you write more comprehensive and effective marketing ads.

13. Product Descriptions

Selling your products and services can come down to a lot of things, like the product description and the explanation of your services.

If you struggle to write descriptions or ads for your business, then Jasper is the tool to help you!

You can write a sales page copy in a few minutes with Jasper, and it’ll all be original content to sell your product.

What’s even cooler, is that you can add a tone to your Jasper document, to make sure Jasper creates the value and reflects the spirit you want for your company and product.

14. Amazon Affiliate Blog Posts

Many blogging articles come with affiliate marketing opportunities,  some blog content is only composed of product reviews or trying out products.

If you’re  interested in blogging , you can use Jasper to write a review of anything from foods, baby products, videos, or whatever holds your interest.

If we wanted to write an article on the best gas fire pits to buy and enjoy all summer long, then Jasper can create descriptions of each product in no time flat!

15. Flea Market Seller

Similarly, if you’re looking to make money online by  selling flea market goods , you’ll need to create good product listings (plus good pictures!) to make your post stand out among others.

Whether you sell on  Etsy , Facebook Marketplace,  Shopify , or in a brick-and-mortar business, Jasper is the #1 tool to get the perfect portrayal of your goods.

Jasper can create a relevant- and creative- depiction of what you’re selling to attract customers to your products as well as your website or company for other things!

16. Content Improver/Editor

Already have a post that could use some updating in content or SEO?

Jasper can take what you have written and improve it for better Google ranking, as well as add in new relevant information that your post could be missing.

It’s an easy way to develop your blog, or your business, and make money on the content you already have available.

17. Content Creator

As we’ve said before- and really want to hit home- Jasper AI is a content assistant that can help generate an endless amount of documents.

The work Jasper can create is second to none!

When you work as a content writer, Jasper can not only reduce your writing time but also make your content more applicable to your readers and produce consistent quality content.

If you’re creating blog posts (like us!), then writing with Jasper will improve your usage of keywords and topics- meaning your blog post will have better SEO to get traction on Google as well as reach more people!

18. Social Media Influencer

If you’ve seen people rise to stardom on TikTok or Instagram and want to become one of the chosen ones, Jasper can help you get there.

Jasper can create content for business social media accounts and make great video content for someone on YouTube, but you can’t forget how this AI can help you get Insta famous!

It’s been mentioned time and again, but Jasper can create photo captions and even personal bios that strike inspiration and intrigue into your social media followers.

You could also use the creative story template to start your own “story time” post or video, and  Jasper  will add in some amusing tidbits or re-write what you have written to make more sense to readers/viewers.

19. Book Writer or Publisher

Have you ever wanted to write a book? It can take an author on average  6 months to write a book – but Jasper can cut that time down, so why wait to get started?

Jasper AI will be the only team member you need to get your book penned and published.

Plus he can re-write anything you already have that you aren’t 100% happy with and improve your grammar if you’re worried about proofreading your own work.

20. Course Designer

Another way to make money online is to create courses for people to pay for in order to learn more about something or develop new skills for work.

There could be an endless stream of courses you can design in your wheelhouse of skills, and access to Jasper can make it all run smoothly.

Just like with blogging and videos, Jasper can help write transcripts and dialogue for you as well as find relevant topics you can make courses about.

Plenty of people are looking for help to better market their business or learn a skill such as calligraphy to make and sell goods online.

21. Video Creator & YouTuber 

Some videos would make for an amazing blog post and if you have Jasper, you can offer a streamer to take their YouTube video and make it into a post!

You can of course listen to the video on YouTube and copy it word for word, like a transcript, but you can take that and use Jasper to boost your post with additional content!

22. Website Designer

A website designer can benefit 100% by having Jasper!

We all know that to rank well on Google, you need good content- but you also need keywords and SEO on your website in general to improve your Google authority and reader loyalty.

Jasper can create company bios and meta descriptions that not only intrigue potential readers and customers but gets your traction on Google.

23. Blog Post Contributor

Whether you’re a freelance writer looking for some extra writing or a blogger who wants some additional content, Jasper has got your back!

Jasper will create blog post ideas and get titles for you, drawing from the top interest online, and with some of your own input, you could take any of those post ideas and create optimized content.


How to Get Jasper and Start Making Money Right Now?

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